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11 Low-Cost/DIY Nursery Ideas

  There's something about the beginning of a new year that always makes me want to get organized. My latest project has been my daughter's room, so I haven't been blogging this year until today. It was difficult to decide on a nursery theme- there's so many cute ones out there! But I found a… Continue reading 11 Low-Cost/DIY Nursery Ideas


Why Custom Tailoring Is More Frugal Than You Think

Trying to find pants that fit is almost every person's dilemma. For me, the "short" lengths are a little too short, and the "regular" lengths are a few inches too long. So I would usually buy the "regular" length pants and end up tripping on the bottoms when they got stuck under my heels. Too… Continue reading Why Custom Tailoring Is More Frugal Than You Think

Creative Projects, Frugality

DIY Table and Chairs

  My first furniture pieces were all composite wood. Five years later, they are literally falling apart. As they are slowly being replaced, I am trying to be thoughtful about what I purchase so that we don't end up with things sitting around that aren't useful or good quality. But of course, they have to be… Continue reading DIY Table and Chairs

Creative Projects, Frugality

Making Furniture New Again

    This is what my desk and nightstand looked like "before"- I don't have a picture of the chair that goes with it, but it was a light oak wood with a black seat.  I wasn't a fan of the flowers and wanted a simple, clean, cohesive look. However, I couldn't find a desk… Continue reading Making Furniture New Again

Simple Living

Woven Newspaper Art

Newspaper is a great way to cover a workspace before beginning a messy project, but have you ever thought of turning it into something besides paper mache?  I noticed this rose image in the newspaper and thought it was too pretty to throw away- could I make it into something else? Yes! This type of… Continue reading Woven Newspaper Art


Something Old, Something New: How I Found My Perfect Wedding Dress at Goodwill!

  I love telling people I found my wedding dress at Goodwill. I had no intention of stopping in that day, but as I was driving by with a friend, the thought popped into my head. We browsed the racks and didn't see anything spectacular. Then I noticed the small rack of wedding dresses against the… Continue reading Something Old, Something New: How I Found My Perfect Wedding Dress at Goodwill!