When Love Isn’t What We Think It Is | Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

On Valentine's Day, you might not receive a grand display of love or an eloquent tribute on social media. And though you know that the day is overhyped in general, perhaps you feel a bit disappointed. Or feel that someone else is having a better Valentine's Day than you are. Sometimes your spouse does not… Continue reading When Love Isn’t What We Think It Is | Thoughts On Valentine’s Day


Letting Go Of Living In Limbo

  Have you ever been in one place but longed for another? Have you ever spent time thinking, "if I was only back in ______, things would be better"? Or maybe this sounds more familiar: have you ever thought, "I'm not going to be here forever, why bother getting involved and making friends if I'm just… Continue reading Letting Go Of Living In Limbo

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Greed and The Perfect Lamps

I waited years to find The Perfect Lamps (TPLs). Literally, years. TPLs would help make my Pinterest-inspired bedroom dream a reality. They would be not too small and not too large; they would look classy and elegant without the accompanying high price tag; they would be perfectly cohesive with everything else I already had. These… Continue reading Greed and The Perfect Lamps


On Your First Mother’s Day

You'll probably get woken up early today by a mischievious munchkin with drool on their pajamas. I know you wanted, no, needed, to sleep in. Though you are tired, delight in the love found in the morning wake up call of little fingers poking you in the eyes, or little feet tickling your stomach. I know you feel unappreciated at… Continue reading On Your First Mother’s Day


Choosing Kindness

"If you find one of the restrooms dirty, let me know, and I'll clean it for you." The attendant stood in an airport bathroom filled with travelers. There wasn't a hint of irritability or resentment in her voice as she went about her job. She talked to every woman who exited the bathroom, saying "have a… Continue reading Choosing Kindness

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Do You Have a “Joy List”?

It can be so easy to slip into a routine of only doing the things that have to get done and forgetting about doing the things that bring us joy and renew our spirits. It's easy to forget what those things even are when we are frazzled or overwhelmed. That's where a "joy list" comes… Continue reading Do You Have a “Joy List”?

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Apples & Trees: Unlearning Life Lessons

It's okay to "live for today" even if that means being reckless with my money; I want to enjoy life before I'm gone.  I'm not getting any younger! Might as well spend it while I have it. Charity begins at home- I only give to my immediate family. You can't trust so-called "charitable organizations" with your… Continue reading Apples & Trees: Unlearning Life Lessons

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You Are Not A Princess | A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Daughter, I love wearing pink sometimes. I also love rap music and rapping. I enjoy having long hair, and I enjoy having a pixie cut with a faux hawk. I love Frozen and The Avengers movies equally. I delight in glitter; somehow it ends up in my purses and on my sneakers. I also delight in… Continue reading You Are Not A Princess | A Letter To My Daughter

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When Free Isn’t So Fabulous: Why I Didn’t Want 5 Free TVs

When we bought our house, the previous owners gave us the 5 TVs they'd installed in the home as part of the purchase. 5 free flat-screen televisions?!? Sounds great, right? The more I thought about it though, the more I realized I didn't want them, even though they were free. I have my few favorite shows… Continue reading When Free Isn’t So Fabulous: Why I Didn’t Want 5 Free TVs