Raising Adventurous Eaters In The Land Of Chicken Nuggets

We can have this idea that kids' food looks a certain way. Think about what's on a typical kids' menu at a restaurant: chicken tenders, grilled cheese, a hamburger, french fries, and maybe some pasta. There isn't much variety in color, flavor, or texture. Maybe there's a side of plain broccoli. It most likely doesn't get… Continue reading Raising Adventurous Eaters In The Land Of Chicken Nuggets

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Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Fall 2017

Crimson and gold leaves, warm sweaters, hot apple cider....there's so much to love about fall. Here's what I'm loving as the temperatures cool off and the daylight hours begin to shorten: (If you missed the spring list, you can find it here, and the summer list is here. Everything on the lists is $15 or… Continue reading Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Fall 2017

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Is Homemade Lasagna Really Cheaper? | A Comparison

Have you ever felt guilty about buying convenience foods? We assume they're usually much more expensive than if we make the item ourselves. One convenience food that I tend to buy is frozen lasagna- on busy days it is definitely nice to just put it in the oven and use the prep time to do… Continue reading Is Homemade Lasagna Really Cheaper? | A Comparison


Need Some New Baby Food Ideas? Try Some Of These!

  I didn't like tomatoes, broccoli, avocados, and a variety of other things as a kid, which is kind of ironic now that I'm a vegetarian and love all of them. I hope my daughter will enjoy a variety of foods as well, so it's been fun to come up with new mixes and see… Continue reading Need Some New Baby Food Ideas? Try Some Of These!


A Month’s Worth Of Dinners

I usually throw away last week's meal plan (which I am rethinking since it's hard to come up with meal ideas sometimes), but I decided to keep last month's meal ideas in case you need some new ones! I typically eat leftovers or sandwiches for lunch and a frozen pizza once or twice a week for dinner, so… Continue reading A Month’s Worth Of Dinners


Why Flax Seeds Are A Waste Of Money

Flaxseed is widely touted as a health food- it contains fiber, and is a great source of Omega 3's, which is great if you are vegetarian or don't like fish. Flax seeds aren't cheap though- a tiny container of them from the grocery store can be $8.00. I always wondered if the seeds have any… Continue reading Why Flax Seeds Are A Waste Of Money


Salted Chocolate Apricots

I had a bit of chocolate left over after making chocolate covered Nutter Butters, so I decided to make these salted chocolate apricots. They are delicious! And adding fruit to chocolate makes it healthier, right? All you need is chocolate chips, wax paper, coarse sea salt, and apricots. The directions are similar to the ones… Continue reading Salted Chocolate Apricots


Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters

  Two of these are from Kilwin's, and two are homemade. Which is which? Ok, I made the ones on the right. But they tasted exactly the same, for less than half the cost. Because the ones on the left were $1.50 each, my husband and I only bought two when we were at Kilwin's recently.… Continue reading Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters


Polenta & Goat Cheese Peppers

Usually most omnivore weddings don't have many vegetarian options. So I was pleasantly surprised to attend two weddings this summer with two delicious vegetarian entrees- one had baked mac & cheese, and the other had polenta & goat cheese stuffed peppers. The peppers were so good that I made a version of my own. I… Continue reading Polenta & Goat Cheese Peppers


One Pot Veggie Chili

Today was the first day that it really felt like fall here, so in honor of that, I made veggie chili and cornbread. This chili is  "medium spicy" with the amount of spices called for in the recipe. It tastes great when reheated as leftovers, too. Serve with your favorite cornbread! One Pot Veggie Chili: A… Continue reading One Pot Veggie Chili