Polenta & Goat Cheese Peppers

Usually most omnivore weddings don't have many vegetarian options. So I was pleasantly surprised to attend two weddings this summer with two delicious vegetarian entrees- one had baked mac & cheese, and the other had polenta & goat cheese stuffed peppers. The peppers were so good that I made a version of my own. I… Continue reading Polenta & Goat Cheese Peppers


PB & Pecan Cream Cheese Sandwich

Peanut butter sandwiches were a lunch bag staple growing up, but I had to go on a 5-year hiatus from them after eating them almost every day for 4-5 years in grade school, and way more than I wanted to in college. Even though I'd loved them, I couldn't stand the thought of eating another single… Continue reading PB & Pecan Cream Cheese Sandwich