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Making Furniture New Again

    This is what my desk and nightstand looked like "before"- I don't have a picture of the chair that goes with it, but it was a light oak wood with a black seat.  I wasn't a fan of the flowers and wanted a simple, clean, cohesive look. However, I couldn't find a desk… Continue reading Making Furniture New Again

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Review: “How to Look Expensive”

With many beauty books or magazine articles I usually find that most of the content isn't that relevant to me. Either the products featured are too pricey, the procedure involves the latest and greatest skin lasers or other needles/scalpels, or I'm left wondering, "I know you say it's the latest trend, but where would I wear glitter orange eyeshadow?"… Continue reading Review: “How to Look Expensive”

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Eyeshadow Isn’t Just for Your Lids!

I'm a sucker for those shows where someone gets a full (free!) makeover. The clothes! The heels! Their make up always looks fantastic, especially their eyes/eyebrows. I've noticed that when I take an extra 30 seconds and fill my eyebrows in, they look better! But I don't like a bunch of single use products filling my bathroom… Continue reading Eyeshadow Isn’t Just for Your Lids!