Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Summer 2017

(This is not a sponsored post and does not contain affiliate links). Daily rainstorms, sweltering heat, mosquitoes- summer is here! Here's my favorite fabulously frugal things to help you survive these next few months. Everything is under $15. If you missed the spring list, you can find it here!   1- Sweet Loren's Peanut Butter… Continue reading Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Summer 2017

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Your Simple Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  If you're stumped as to what to get your mom for Mother's Day, check out this simple "A to Z" gift guide. Many of the gifts are consumable or small, so they won't take up much space or become clutter. Several are ideas for gift certificates, so you can choose the amount that works… Continue reading Your Simple Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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3 Keys to Giving the Perfect Gift

  As someone who loves to give gifts, here's 3 things I've realized over the years: Don't just buy a gift because it's on sale or a good deal; ask yourself-- is it equally a great deal, a great item quality-wise, and something the recipient would enjoy/use? If it's not all three, keep looking! Think… Continue reading 3 Keys to Giving the Perfect Gift

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Review: “Hope Unfolding”

I was originally going to post this in May, but after realizing that Mother's Day is just around the corner, it's posting early! I have enjoyed Becky Thompson's posts on her blog/Facebook page, so I was excited when I learned she was publishing her first book.  There's many books for women out there from a… Continue reading Review: “Hope Unfolding”

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A Handy Trick for Storing Wrapping Paper

I usually tape my wrapping paper rolls  to keep the paper from unwinding, but it's annoying trying to peel the tape off the next time I need to use the roll. The paper usually comes off with the tape, leaving a tear in the roll. Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!   If… Continue reading A Handy Trick for Storing Wrapping Paper