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Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Winter 2017

Today is the first official day of winter! Though, depending on where you live, it may have felt like winter for a long time already. December 21st marks the winter solstice, the time of year with the least amount of sunlight. While it may seem cold and dark now, the days are only getting "longer"… Continue reading Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Winter 2017


Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Summer 2017

(This is not a sponsored post and does not contain affiliate links). Daily rainstorms, sweltering heat, mosquitoes- summer is here! Here's my favorite fabulously frugal things to help you survive these next few months. Everything is under $15. If you missed the spring list, you can find it here!   1- Sweet Loren's Peanut Butter… Continue reading Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Summer 2017


Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Spring 2017

(This is not a sponsored post and does not contain affilliate links.) Have you ever read through the Oprah Magazine's list of "favorite things"? I used to love looking through it. However, I noticed that many of the items were very expensive and not practical for most of us- if you look up the 2016 list, the… Continue reading Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Spring 2017

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Your Simple Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  If you're stumped as to what to get your mom for Mother's Day, check out this simple "A to Z" gift guide. Many of the gifts are consumable or small, so they won't take up much space or become clutter. Several are ideas for gift certificates, so you can choose the amount that works… Continue reading Your Simple Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Salted Chocolate Apricots

I had a bit of chocolate left over after making chocolate covered Nutter Butters, so I decided to make these salted chocolate apricots. They are delicious! And adding fruit to chocolate makes it healthier, right? All you need is chocolate chips, wax paper, coarse sea salt, and apricots. The directions are similar to the ones… Continue reading Salted Chocolate Apricots


Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters

  Two of these are from Kilwin's, and two are homemade. Which is which? Ok, I made the ones on the right. But they tasted exactly the same, for less than half the cost. Because the ones on the left were $1.50 each, my husband and I only bought two when we were at Kilwin's recently.… Continue reading Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters

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Why Looking Like Barbie Isn’t A Bad Thing

I loved playing with Barbies as a young girl. They had fun clothes, a cool pink convertible, and a killer shoe collection. But even at 8 years old, I had doubts about Barbie. No one looks like that in real life- her waist is so small and her legs are so long, I remember thinking.… Continue reading Why Looking Like Barbie Isn’t A Bad Thing