Want To See Change In Hollywood? Then You Need To Do This

I had (what I thought was) an odd reaction watching Wonder Woman when it first came out. It was during one of the the opening scenes where the Amazonian women were training for battle that I found myself getting teary eyed. Why is this happening? I wondered. There is nothing sad or heartbreaking about this scene at all, I thought. And then it hit me...


Why We’re Like Contestants On “The Bachelor”

I know, I know. The Bachelor is the cheese fries of the television world. You think you’ll have just one fry (or episode), and then before you know it, you’ve finished the whole thing (or series). You know it’s junk, but you can’t tear yourself away from it. The show is extremely cheesy (pun intended), formulaic,… Continue reading Why We’re Like Contestants On “The Bachelor”

Själ (Soul)

You Are Not A Princess | A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Daughter, I love wearing pink sometimes. I also love rap music and rapping. I enjoy having long hair, and I enjoy having a pixie cut with a faux hawk. I love Frozen and The Avengers movies equally. I delight in glitter; somehow it ends up in my purses and on my sneakers. I also delight in… Continue reading You Are Not A Princess | A Letter To My Daughter