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Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Winter 2017

Today is the first official day of winter! Though, depending on where you live, it may have felt like winter for a long time already. December 21st marks the winter solstice, the time of year with the least amount of sunlight. While it may seem cold and dark now, the days are only getting "longer"… Continue reading Favorite (Fabulously Frugal) Things | Winter 2017

Frugality, Simple Living

4 Reasons To Switch Up Your Gift Wrap Routine

I thought I needed a variety of bags in different colors/sizes and different rolls of wrapping paper; I used to save all the tissue paper and stick on bows we received...but the majority of it never got completely used up. I wondered about trying something different this year: One roll of recycled brown paper, and… Continue reading 4 Reasons To Switch Up Your Gift Wrap Routine