No-Sew Purse Repair

Although it's good quality and has lasted for 10 years, this bag was never meant to carry heavy textbooks on a daily basis. So the straps wore out after 4 years of it being stuffed with books and folders: The rest of it is in great shape so I decided to redo the straps. This… Continue reading No-Sew Purse Repair

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Why Plastic Hangers Are More Dangerous Than You Think

I have always loved clothes. I would try to take almost my entire wardrobe to college each year because I never knew when I might want to wear a certain item. I would pack my four extra-large blue plastic totes to the brim with my most cherished cotton and polyester belongings and my mother would… Continue reading Why Plastic Hangers Are More Dangerous Than You Think

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Would You Rent Your Wedding Gown?

* Please Note: This is not a sponsored post and does not contain affiliate links. Wedding dresses. They are almost certainly the most expensive dress that you will ever buy in your life. The average cost of a wedding dress was $1357 in 2014, making the cost per wear...$1357. For a bride who only wears… Continue reading Would You Rent Your Wedding Gown?


Why Custom Tailoring Is More Frugal Than You Think

Trying to find pants that fit is almost every person's dilemma. For me, the "short" lengths are a little too short, and the "regular" lengths are a few inches too long. So I would usually buy the "regular" length pants and end up tripping on the bottoms when they got stuck under my heels. Too… Continue reading Why Custom Tailoring Is More Frugal Than You Think

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Review: “How to Look Expensive”

With many beauty books or magazine articles I usually find that most of the content isn't that relevant to me. Either the products featured are too pricey, the procedure involves the latest and greatest skin lasers or other needles/scalpels, or I'm left wondering, "I know you say it's the latest trend, but where would I wear glitter orange eyeshadow?"… Continue reading Review: “How to Look Expensive”


Look Here For Thrifty Threads!

I love stores with great clothing deals. The prices can be amazing and it is actually kind of fun to sift through all the randomness  before you find that one perfect item that makes you go "aha!" Everyone has heard of Goodwill, which can have some good finds (I found my wedding dress there!). However, there's some other… Continue reading Look Here For Thrifty Threads!


Something Old, Something New: How I Found My Perfect Wedding Dress at Goodwill!

  I love telling people I found my wedding dress at Goodwill. I had no intention of stopping in that day, but as I was driving by with a friend, the thought popped into my head. We browsed the racks and didn't see anything spectacular. Then I noticed the small rack of wedding dresses against the… Continue reading Something Old, Something New: How I Found My Perfect Wedding Dress at Goodwill!

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5 Frugal DIY Wedding Ideas

The idea of planning a wedding was overwhelming to say the least. I wanted it to be beautiful, but I knew that everything can get ridiculously expensive. According to, the average cost of a wedding was $29,858 in 2013. $29,858! That's a (really nice) car! (I told my now-husband this stat while I was wedding planning.… Continue reading 5 Frugal DIY Wedding Ideas