Choosing Kindness

"If you find one of the restrooms dirty, let me know, and I'll clean it for you." The attendant stood in an airport bathroom filled with travelers. There wasn't a hint of irritability or resentment in her voice as she went about her job. She talked to every woman who exited the bathroom, saying "have a… Continue reading Choosing Kindness

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Apples & Trees: Unlearning Life Lessons

It's okay to "live for today" even if that means being reckless with my money; I want to enjoy life before I'm gone.  I'm not getting any younger! Might as well spend it while I have it. Charity begins at home- I only give to my immediate family. You can't trust so-called "charitable organizations" with your… Continue reading Apples & Trees: Unlearning Life Lessons

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Review: “Hope Unfolding”

I was originally going to post this in May, but after realizing that Mother's Day is just around the corner, it's posting early! I have enjoyed Becky Thompson's posts on her blog/Facebook page, so I was excited when I learned she was publishing her first book.  There's many books for women out there from a… Continue reading Review: “Hope Unfolding”

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When Frugal Doesn’t Feel So Fabulous

I had almost no money my last year of college. Many days I wondered how I would finish the year. I remember sitting in the Dean's office, explaining to him why I needed to be let out of the mandatory campus meal plan.  They wouldn't let me out of it entirely, but they did cut it… Continue reading When Frugal Doesn’t Feel So Fabulous


Living From Abundance Instead of Scarcity

It's Monday. I look in my closet, and think, "I have nothing to wear." It's Thursday. I look in the pantry, and think, "I have nothing to eat." It's the holidays. I am bombarded with commercials showing shiny new cars with gigantic red bows and I think, "I'll never be able to afford that." Does… Continue reading Living From Abundance Instead of Scarcity