How To Make “Mommy + Me” Outfits From Items You Already Own

If you like matching or coordinating with your daughter(s) sometimes, but not the prices of specialty “mommy + me” outfits, check out some of these alternatives using clothing items that you probably already own! You don’t have to go out and buy all new items when trying to have a cohesive look. Here are 7 easy ways to make “Mommy + Me Outfits,” and why the items complement each other:   

Striped tees + jeans:


This is one of the easiest ways to coordinate– pick striped tees and jeans in the same tones; the shirts don’t have to be exactly the same. 

Solid colored dresses:


Both dresses are in solid neutral tones, a similar sleeveless style, and have an all over woven pattern. 

Similar color tones + modern prints/patterns:


It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture, but the sweater on the left is the same navy blue as the stripes on the toddler shirt and toddler leggings. The aqua-green sweater picks up aqua tones from the tweed skirt. The sweater also has gold buttons, which complement the gold necklace on the left. Both the skirt and the leggings have modern prints/patterns, so they don’t clash print-wise. 

Similar color tones + modern prints/patterns:


The green of the sweater picks up the same green color of the leaves in the print on the toddler dress. The green sweater also picks up the dark green tones of the tweed skirt. Both the tweed skirt and the toddler dress have a modern floral pattern. 

White/grey dots on navy background in a similar scale: 


The navy top and the navy dress both have dots in a small print. The light grey jeans pick up the light tones in the dots. 

Similar color tones + modern prints/patterns:


The aqua-green sweater picks up the aqua in the flowers on the navy shirt. Both the shirt and the leggings have a modern print/pattern to them. The gold necklace complements the gold buttons on the sweater. The navy of the shirt complements the navy trim on the toddler shirt and the navy stripes on the toddler leggings. 

Similar colors in complementary prints: 


The navy in the plaid dress complements the navy of the toddler dress. I would wear the plaid dress with gold metallic strappy sandals to complement the gold flecks in the toddler dress. 

Here’s a quick recap of things to keep in mind when putting your own coordinating outfits together:

  • Keep items in the same color palette- i.e., all jewel tones, all neons, all pastels, all “warm” colors, etc. 
  • Keep patterns similar– both geometric, both stripes, both modern florals, both traditional florals, etc. 
  • Have some of the colors overlap between items

What’s your favorite way to create coordinating outfits? Please share below in the comments!

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How To Make Mommy + Me Outfits From Items You Already Own


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