Tired of LBDs? Try a LBT | Frugal Fashion Friday #3

One of the most common pieces of fashion advice you’ll hear is the one about having a Little Black Dress (LBD): It’s a wardrobe staple! It’s versatile! It’s timeless! 

All of these things are true. But what if you just don’t like wearing a black dress? What if you rarely wear them? That’s where a Little Black Top (LBT) comes in handy. It could possibly be the most versatile item in your wardrobe.

Black can be a tricky color to wear. While it is slimming, it doesn’t exactly enhance our skintones. Mixing in colorful pieces with it (like this magenta sweater) is the key to not “washing out” our faces:

Scarf: Old Navy, Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT, Long sleeved top: Old Navy, Sleeveless top: Forever 21, Petite jeans: Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet, Purse: Coach Outlet, Sandals: Clarks Outlet

The main top pictured above is sleeveless, but I wore a long sleeved black shirt underneath it for warmth. After the photo was taken, I was disappointed that the sequins’ stitching had unraveled on the ruffled blouse, so I used the long sleeved shirt for the rest of the photos. Although a black ruffled blouse would be a good choice with the jeans or skirt options below, too!

Here are 3 other easy ways to wear a LBT:

With a patterned dress:

Top: Old Navy, Dress: Target

With light grey skinny jeans + a patterned scarf + black ankle boots:

Skinny Jeans: Ann Taylor LOFT, Top: Old Navy, Scarf: “Multiples” brand, Ankle Boots: Clarks

With a floral tweed skirt:

Top: Old Navy, Tweed Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT

What’s been your favorite outfit you wore this week? Please share in the comments!

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.19.10 AM

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