One Skirt, Four Ways | Frugal Fashion Friday #2

O+M Pinterest One Skirt Four Ways

I once had jeans in purple and red. They were fun, but pants in a single bright hue were not very versatile for me. A multicolor item like a skirt however, can actually be pretty versatile. One easy way to wear a skirt with many colors is to choose one of the colors in it for your top.

The key to finding a pencil skirt that will last is to look at the material- a thicker woven or tweed-type cotton is sturdy and should hold up over time. Look for one with a lining and an inset zipper. Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor LOFT has some great quality skirts, that when marked down, are also a great deal.

If you’re short like me, a skirt that ends at the knee or just above it is the perfect length. Mid-calf or floor-length skirts are great if you’re tall, but don’t always work as well for those of us who are shorter. (I usually end up tripping on long skirts. One time in a store, I held a maxi dress up to myself and the entire dress was almost taller than I was, hah!) I think it’s interesting that “petite” clothing options are based on height (anywhere from 5′ 3″- 5′ 5″ and under is considered “petite”), and the average American woman is between 5′ 3″ and 5′ 4″, yet “petite” options are so limited. Why is that?

I tend to shop clearance from regular and outlet stores over thrift/resale stores nowdays because the resale options for petite clothing can be pretty limited. I realized that if I paid a little more for an item, but it fit me much better, I would get more use out of it.

This clearance find has royal blue, light blue, maroon, purple, light pink, teal, and shades of green in it, so there’s many options for tops that could go with it:


#1: With a maroon blouse + gray tank + metallic sandals

The button on the side of this Kohls’ blouse fell off and I had to sew it back on. Usually I can’t keep track of my keys let alone a miniscule button. But, because this top has zipper pockets, I put the button in the pocket for safe keeping until I had a chance to sew it back on.


#2: With a blue sweater + scarf + metallic sandals

If you have a baby or toddler who loves to grab your necklace when you wear one, scarves are a great alternative while they’re in this phase.


Who wore the scarf better? ↑ or ↓? 😉


#3: With a denim blouse + grey tank + tan platform sandals


This top was a clearance find from Target. It gets super wrinkly on the bottom and I don’t have time to iron, so it gets tucked in!

Once you’re a mom lugging around a diaper bag or carrying a baby in a carseat, comfortable shoes are a must! Platform sandals give you the height of heels, but are much easier to walk in and more gentle on your tired feet.

#4: With an eggplant blouse/shell + silver clutch


This silk blouse was a super deal from a Saks Fifth Ave clearance rack awhile ago– I think it was about $10.

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What is your favorite item you wore this week? Please share in the comments!

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