Frugal Fashion Fridays #1 | What Is It?

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I love fashion magazines and runway shows, but I’m always left thinking at least three things when browsing through a photo layout or watching models show off the latest designs:

1. These clothes are way out of my price range-

2. They are beautiful, but aren’t practical for my real life-

3. How do I enjoy and use what I already have without buying more?

So I’m starting something new– Frugal Fashion Fridays– a space to share how I put together simple, comfortable outfits from what I have in my closet and drawers. It’s not a way to say, “hey, look at my clothes!”, but a way to inspire you to combine what you have in your closet in new ways. (So don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to go out and buy a bunch of things. But I do like sharing what makes an item or accessory versatile, so you can look for similar things when you need them). 

It’s also a way to challenge myself to go outside my comfort zone, because we need to do that more often, right? And a way to challenge myself to be more put together on a daily basis. (My husband likes to joke when he comes home in the evening that he can tell if I left the house that day if I’m wearing a certain blue striped shirt). And, at the very least, when I have no clue what to wear, I can look back at these posts for some ideas, haha.

Pretty much everything I have is from outlet stores, clearance racks, resale stores, Target, and final sale racks. I’m a fan of buying high quality clothes once they hit the sale rack and have been marked down a few times. (A well made $75 tweed skirt, with a lining and inset zipper, marked down to $20? That’s winning the lotto for me). I’m also pickier now than I used to be– everything I buy nowdays has to go with things that I already have, and has to work for multiple seasons (though I’m lucky that it usually doesn’t get extremely cold here).

I’m not really into trends; I gravitate towards items that I can hopefully wear for years and have no one be able to tell exactly when I bought it.

There will probably be some thoughts about fashion in general along the way, too.

So now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk jackets for Frugal Friday #1. They can either complete your look or throw it off, depending on how they fit. A good-fitting jacket:

  • Isn’t too loose in the shoulders
  • Has sleeves that end at your wrist
  • Has a length that ends in the right spot for your height (usually hip-length)
  • Is able to button without gaping
  • Doesn’t have too much material in the midsection

This jacket was my impulse buy of 2017. (That’s a huge accomplishment for me to get down to just one, haha!). I was waiting on my husband to finish trying on dress shirts, and found it shoved in between work out clothes on a sale rack:


I love that it’s reminiscient of a motorcycle jacket, but because it’s not leather, it’s easy to wash and hang to dry. I also liked the simple zipper details. Here’s how I’d wear it in each season:

Winter: With skinny jeans + a cotton sweater + a scarf + metallic flats (or tall boots, if I had them)

I wore this on a day that was MUCH colder than it looks in the pictures…the greenery in the background is misleading!



Spring: With skinny jeans + a textured tee + platform sandals

I got a haircut the evening before this photo was taken. When I came home, my husband said, “You’re going to try to sleep very carefully and not mess up your hair for tomorrow, aren’t you?” He knows me well. Short hair is usually pretty low maintenance, but there’s always random mornings where I wake up and a section of hair sticks straight out– today was one of those days, but luckily you can’t see the bobby pin holding my hair down in the back, haha!


Summer: With a lightweight dress + a tank top + platform sandals

This is one of my favorite summer dresses, a birthday present a few years ago from my husband.


Fall: With a pencil skirt + a ruffled tank + black heels

(I think I’m laughing because my husband said, “Sure, let’s take a picture of you next to the termite bait traps…”)




I love getting ideas from others, so please share how you “shop your closet” and what your current favorite thing to wear is in the comments!


Ready to overhaul your closet but don’t know where to start? Check out Your Ultimate Guide To Finally Cleaning Out Your Closet (And Loving Everything In It)!

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