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A Simple 4th of July Outfit (For Under $15)

I will always love kids’ clothes that match holidays- red and green at Christmas, red, white, & blue at 4th of July, etc.– they are so adorable and look great in photos. The only problem is that many of the holiday outfits in stores are very holiday specific- a top that says “Happy 4th of July” will probably not get much use in June or August. It may end up in the back of the closet and never worn again. So if you too like special “holiday” outfits, this year, perhaps try assembling your own outfit out of individual items that can be worn separately at other times of the year.  I found this simple white dress in the Target clearance section, and it was perfect for what I had in mind:

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.20.00 PM

The dress already had an inset waistband, so I picked a ribbon that was a similar width. Grosgrain ribbon works well for sashes; try pairing one solid color ribbon with a patterned one.

To begin, gather scissors, a needle, and matching thread. Place one ribbon on top of the other, then tie them in a bow around your child’s waist. Cut the ends of the ribbons at an angle and then lay them flat. Holding the two ribbons together, find their midpoint and mark it with a pin. Your first button will go here. Add another button on each side of the first, approximately 1 inch apart. Using tiny stitches, put a small stitch every few inches on the top and bottom of the ribbons to hold them together. (I put stitches in the white painted on “stitches” on the blue ribbon.) If using more than 3 buttons, use an odd number amount like 5 or 7. Fold the ends of the ribbon over and sew across them to prevent frayed ends.



Dress: $6, Target

Headbands: $2.50 each, Target

Buttons: 0.72 cents, Jo-Ann Fabrics

Offray Ribbon: $4.19, Jo-Ann Fabrics

Total: $13.41

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A Simple 4th Of July Outfit For Under $15


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