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Do You Forget To Clean These 10 Things?


Spring officially starts March 20th! Is spring cleaning on your mind? It has been for me. Beyond the typical vacuuming and dusting, do you forget about these 10 items that need to be cleaned? I know I do sometimes!

1. Overflow sink drains

These can get grimy, so don’t forget to clean them when wiping down your sinks!

2. Your shower drains

The most effective way to clean these is to take the metal/plastic covers off, if possible.

3. The air filter in your AC unit

Filters should be changed every 1-3 months, depending on type.

4. The fabric softener dispenser in your washer

This can get clogged with hair and lint; you can find instructions on how to disassemble it on YouTube.

5. The filter in your dishwasher

A quick spray with the kitchen faucet and the food particles should come right off.

6. The drawer under your oven

Have you ever noticed that this gets full of crumbs?

7. The dryer vent

This gets filled with lint- have too much of it build up and you could have a fire hazard. More info on dryer vent maintenance from Consumer Reports here.

8. The filter on your vaccuum

This should be cleaned monthly…but that doesn’t always happen around here.

9. Your faucet screens and showerheads

These can get filled with mineral build-up from your water and bacteria; soaking them overnight in a heavy duty Ziploc bag filled with vinegar and then scrubbing the deposits off will make them like-new.

10. Earrings

Have you ever looked at the backs and posts of your earrings? They get caked in gunk. Some gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush and some paste made from baking soda/water (depending on the type of metal) will get all the gunk out of your earrings’ crevices.



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