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11 Low-Cost/DIY Nursery Ideas


There’s something about the beginning of a new year that always makes me want to get organized. My latest project has been my daughter’s room, so I haven’t been blogging this year until today.

It was difficult to decide on a nursery theme- there’s so many cute ones out there! But I found a rug on sale that I loved, and it matched some items that I already had, so I stuck with hearts and dots in shades of light yellow, pink, and aqua. Luckily it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so Target has many heart-themed/pink items right now.

Her room is finally finished! So here’s my top 11 tips for low-cost/DIY nursery decor: 

1. Check out your local Dollar Store or the dollar section at the front of Target for small, inexpensive accents. These large felt heart pockets were $1.00 each and come in pink, red, gray, and Tiffany blue at Target. The 3-D heart stickers were 6/$1.00 (also at Target) and come in light pink, pink, and red:


2. Repurpose art from elsewhere in your home as nursery art:



3. A bin from the laundry room can easily be repurposed to corral toys:



4. I stockpiled 40% off Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons for a set of bins, then typed labels for them and printed them at home. It’s easy to find the exact color you need by going into your word processor’s advanced color settings:



5. Repurpose a key hook to hold headbands or hats:



6. Skip the name-brand diaper pail liners and reuse a plastic grocery bag instead. A bit of clear packing tape will help keep it secure:



7. Found a good deal on an item, but it doesn’t match your color scheme? Re-paint it!



8. Make clothing dividers out of card stock and cereal box cardboard. I made rectangle ones for my own closet before finding this circle idea on Pinterest, but I found that it’s much easier to cut a rectangle out of cardboard and then round the edges, rather than trying to cut out a perfect circle:



9. Make a reading bench out of cubes and a throw blanket (these ones from Target have holes in the corners, so they can be zip-tied together):



10. Buying a mongrammed pillow sham? The matching pillow insert is often sold separately. If you buy a standard 16 inch square sham, save money by using a 16 inch square pillow insert from Jo Anns (bought with a 40% off coupon).

11. Skip the fancy “white noise” machine- repurpose an old iPod or cell phone that can access wifi, connect it to the internet, and play YouTube videos of rainforest sounds, ocean waves, “womb” sounds, etc. Some of them are several hours long!




What are your favorite low-cost/DIY nursery ideas? Please share in the comments below!

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11 Low-Cost + DIY Nursery Ideas



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