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10 Tips For Attending Festivals With Children

We attended The United Tiny House Festival this month (you can check out my post on that here), and it got me thinking about attending festivals with small children. Especially for new parents, the idea of this could be daunting. You have to have lower expectations in general about what you will be able to see and accomplish, but there are a few things that will make it easier and more enjoyable!

(My husband says he was the MVP of our Tiny House Trip, lol. “Tip #1 on your list should be bring reliable people to watch your child and stuff while you look at tiny houses,” he joked. “You need a support group so that you don’t have to balance your food, look for a trash can to put diapers in, and carry a baby at the same time.”)

So yes, having someone with you is tip #1. That being said, here are the others 🙂 :

#2. Have a detailed packing list saved to your computer. Before each trip, copy it into a new document, add and delete items as needed, then print it. If you have someone else to help you pack for a trip, it helps to be able to give them a list.

#3. Drive/travel at night if possible; your child will be more likely to sleep in the car. At the very least, it helps with not getting stuck in traffic.

#4. Take advantage of pre-paid online tickets. If we had not pre-paid, we would have been standing in a very long line of people at the entrance. Depending on the event, you may also save a few dollars by buying tickets online ahead of time.

#5. Skip the diaper bag and use a backpack instead– it’s easier to carry. Put your valuables in the bottom of the main section instead of an outside pocket. Yes, it’s more annoying for you, but it also makes these items less accessible to pickpocketers. (I’m always suprised by how many people walk around in large crowds with their phone or wallet sticking out of their back pocket).

10 Tips For Attending Festivals With Children

#6. Bring lots of water bottles & snacks, if they are allowed. (Saves money and time standing in line with an impatient kiddo).

#7. If you don’t have a stroller with thick “all-terrain” type wheels, borrow one from a friend.

#8. Bring a few gallon size ziplock bags for when you need to dispose of a messy diaper and can’t find a trash can, or you need to store stained clothes to wash later.

#9. Use bug netting with elastic on your stroller. You can find it on Amazon for about $7 and it keeps out mosquitoes and bees. It also helps keep toys in the stroller when your child throws them 🙂 .

#10. Think about what is on your “must see” list and see these things first in case of meltdowns.


What are your tips for traveling with children? Please share them below!


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10 Tips For Attending Festivals With Children

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