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The 2016 Tiny House Festival


I was so excited to learn that there is such a thing as a “tiny house festival”! If you’re not familiar with tiny homes, they are usually under 500 square feet (with many under 300, especially the mobile ones), and they come in all shapes and types. (Check out my post 10 Reasons To Live In A Tiny Home for more info on why people love them). This year’s festival was held in St. Augustine, Florida. But it wasn’t just people who waited in line to explore the homes–dogs, cats, and even a lemur enjoyed seeing the tiny homes, vintage campers, converted buses, and more!

Parking was free and we could bring our own drinks, which was nice. The festival had a very relaxed vibe and although it was busy, I did not feel packed in like a sardine as I have felt at county fairs, concerts, etc. Vendor booths were also available with crafts, clothing, and resources for building your own tiny home. The covered grandstand area was a nice place to eat and enjoy the breeze. The food for sale was a little healthier than typical festival fare- I was pleasantly surprised to find a veggie taco bowl option at the taco food truck (I think it was called Mama’s Food Truck?), and although I didn’t get to try it, the truck serving granola & fruit bowls looked like a good option! My husband said his chicken quesadilla was one of the best he’d had.

One thing I didn’t really think about is that the lines to tour the homes would be long. (Many of them stretched much longer than the one in the picture below). But there was an acoustic guitar player performing some relaxing cover songs, so that helped.


One of the first homes we toured was this replica of a 1860’s home. (Loved that they added a lime green fun noodle to the tin roof though so people didn’t hit their heads 🙂 ). The owner fit a full size piano inside! This home is used for Civil War reenactments:



Some shots of the homes’ exteriors (love the hanging garden on the first one below!):

Some of my favorite interior/exterior details (you can even fit a washer/dryer combo in a tiny home!) :


If you have the chance to attend next year’s festival in March, I highly recommend it! You can find more info at:



All photos are my own. Please credit if you’d like to share them. Thanks!

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