No-Sew Purse Repair

Although it’s good quality and has lasted for 10 years, this bag was never meant to carry heavy textbooks on a daily basis. So the straps wore out after 4 years of it being stuffed with books and folders:


The rest of it is in great shape so I decided to redo the straps. This is an easy fix that you could do in about an hour. I bought two 10 yard packs of ribbon, but ended up only needing one. With a “40% off one item” Michaels’ coupon, the total was $1.66 for one.


Start the ribbon on the inside of the strap, “right” side up. Putting a stitch or two on the end of the ribbon to tack it in place is helpful:


I originally began by wrapping the strap while it was flat, but it worked better to fold the strap in half (with the fold facing the outside of the bag), and then wrap it:


When I reached the bottom of the strap, I taped it in place, but a stitch or two would work better. I double wrapped a shorter piece of ribbon around the bottom and tied it in a bow to keep the ribbon in place:


I repeated the process on the other strap, but started the wrapping on the alternate side so that the bows would be diagonal to each other:


And that’s it! Less than $2 and an hour of work to make the bag usable again.

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2 thoughts on “No-Sew Purse Repair”

  1. Holy crap I actually need this! My handbag’s handles are in disrepair, and whilst they are not as soft and “fabricy ” (I’m making that a word now), I am still going to adapt this method for the bag

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