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10 Reasons To Live In A Tiny Home

I love watching house hunting shows (even though yes, they are staged- and even the buyers may not be real– whaaat?), especially the ones about “tiny houses.” A “tiny house” does not have an exact definition, but it is usually a home under 500 sq. ft. To put that in perspective, the average size of a new home in 2013 was about 2,600 sq. ft. And the Versailles home, which when completed will be one of the largest in the US, is 90,000 sq. ft. I like that there’s so much variety in tiny homes- some are mobile, some are completely “off-grid,” and some are made from shipping containers.

My husband has no interest in living in a “tiny home”; he would rather live in a home that’s 2,000 plus sq. feet. At 1,600 square feet, our home is the compromise in the middle of the spectrum. I spent a significant amount of time in an RV as a child and have lived in small apartments, so I don’t really mind living in small spaces. But I can appreciate my husband’s love of storage space and having a garage.

I didn’t know there’s such thing as a “Tiny House Festival,” but there is! They are currently held in Georgia and Florida, with plans for festivals in New Jersey and Tennessee. The Florida one is coming up in exactly one month on November 18-20th, in St. Augustine. You can check out more info on it here:

In honor of the upcoming FL festival, here are 10 reasons to live in a tiny home:

  1. Many mobile tiny homes are under $75,000, meaning that you will have a significantly smaller mortgage, or perhaps none at all.
  2. You can take it with you!
  3. You will spend much less time on cleaning and maintenance.
  4. You can have a brand-new or almost new home on a small budget.
  5. Some are “off-grid,” meaning you can travel to remote places and still have all the comforts of home.
  6. You can turn down unwanted donations without feeling guilty, because you truly don’t have space for them.
  7. Tiny homes only fit the essentials, so you are only surrounded by the things you have that are useful and bring you joy. There’s no “clutter room” or basement filled with boxes that haven’t been opened in 10 years.
  8. No huge utility bills for heating & cooling a large home.
  9. They can help you acheive your goal of being debt-free (see #1).
  10. They are just so cute!


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Would you want to live in a tiny house?

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7 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Live In A Tiny Home”

  1. My wife and I live in an off grid home not too large, but not a tiny house either. We love being more in control of our finances by not having a mortgage or electricity bill. I believe tiny houses are offering people this freedom and happiness to live a life without amassing as much debt as well as things.

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