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The Truth About Groupon Travel Deals



At the time, I was making a modest salary, and I normally wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of the flight, hotel stay, and food for five days in Mexico. So when a friend found an all-inclusive deal on Groupon (flight, hotel, and unlimited food & alcohol for one reasonable price) and suggested that a group of us buy it, I was excited but a little wary. I’d never heard of the travel company before. And I’m not usually one to rush into decisions quickly. But the deal was a great one and it was ending soon so I told her, “Yes!”

You can buy a Groupon with one or two clicks. It’s easy. The actual logistics of the trip were another story. We had seven people going on this trip, coming from multiple cities, and the company was very disorganized with the whole process. I wouldn’t hear from them when sending an email. The names on the tickets or hotel reservations were incorrect and had to be changed. Things got sent to the wrong email address or weren’t sent at all. When talking to them on the phone, they weren’t very professional. Their website looked like it had used stock photos of travel destinations instead of actual photos.

I decided to look up reviews of the company and they were all pretty poor. And several people had had way worse experiences than I was having- the hotels people ended up getting were not what was promised, etc. So I was worried- what had I gotten myself into? Were the pictures of the hotel simply stock photos?

The trip ended up exceeding my expectations. The hotel was beautiful; it was located right on the beach so it had amazing views. The food was delicious- all you can eat buffets with tons of fresh food and many vegetarian options. The staff was friendly and helpful. I would definitely want to return, but I would not book through that travel company again.

Businesses offer Groupon deals to get more business. Dealing with this travel company made me realize that sometimes the reason a Groupon deal looks so enticing is because the company has issues and thus probably isn’t getting enough business on its own without Groupon. There’s a reason you’ll never see large, well known travel or cruise companies offering deals on Groupon- they have so much business that they don’t need to. So if you’re looking at Groupon travel deals and one seems too good to be true, google the company and look at the reviews for it before booking, not after as I did 🙂 .


Have you used Groupon for travel deals? What was your experience?

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