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DIY Travel Map

Travel maps are a great way to document where you’ve traveled to over the years either on your own, or with a partner or your family. I was inspired to make my own by my husband’s grandparents’ travel maps. Michaels had maps with adhesive on the back, as well as the trifold styrofoam board. I used a trifold board (the kind kids use for science fair projects) instead of a regular foam board since the trifold is thicker (which means the push pins won’t fall out). If you can’t find a trifold one, adhering two pieces of styrofoam board together to make it thicker should work.

The push pins were from Target. I liked that the ones below came in 4 different colors so I could color code trips (ones taken by just my husband and I vs. family trips). They are smaller than regular push pins so they don’t cover up the name of the city when they are on the board:

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.13.49 PM

What you will need to make your own travel maps:

  • Two maps (one world map, one of your home country)
  • Small round push pins
  • A tri-fold foam board, or two foam boards
  • An Exacto knife
  • 8 small nails and a hammer
  • A level
  • Double stick tape
  • Glue (optional)

Tape the flaps of the trifold board to the board, or tape two foam boards together, to make one thick piece of styrofoam. If using a trifold board, the flaps go on the wall side of the map. If using an adhesive map, center the map on the board and press it down. If using a regular map, adhere it to the board with the double stick tape. Flip the board over and trim the excess map around the edges. Make sure maps are level before securing them to the wall by placing one small nail in each corner. Dipping the push pins in a bit of glue before pressing them into the boards will help them stick.

Happy travels!

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