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10 Home Hacks To Save You Time & Money



  1. Use your vacuum’s brush attachment to clean bookshelves, blinds, fans, and window ledges. It’s faster, dust is trapped in the vacuum instead of flying around, and you don’t have to use cleaner and rags/paper towel.
  2. Have no time to vacuum your couch? Use a lint roller to remove pet hair from it. Lint rollers are also good for pillows, comforters, and other hard to wash items.
  3. If you sanitize baby bottles, pacifiers, or other items with boiling water, dump it in your flower beds or garden instead of down the drain when you’re finished with it. Or, once it has cooled, use it to refill your pet’s water bowl.
  4. Wash baby clothes with your own in the same load, unless they are heavily soiled. You don’t need a special “baby” detergent if using a natural, fragrance-free detergent for both.
  5. Use mesh delicates bags for small baby socks and washcloths, as well as reusable nursing pads, so that they don’t get lost in the wash.
  6. Buy all one kind of sport socks so that if one gets lost or worn out, you can still use the other sock that’s left.
  7. Keep your pet food in a large rubbermaid container. It keeps ants (and your pet) out of the food. Our cats like to chew the cat litter bag open so I’m thinking of getting a container for that also.
  8. Our cats love muffins and other carbs. Keep your cats (or dogs) out of your cupboards with gear ties. These are essentially large, heavy-duty rubber twist ties (available at Home Depot) that you can twist around your cupboard handles to keep your pets away from food or breakable items in your cupboards. These are a good alternative to child locks that require drilling:Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.45.29 PM.png
  9. The combination of baking soda and clear laundry detergent can work better on rug stains than chemical-based carpet cleaners.
  10. An old toothbrush can work great as a mini scrubber for hard to reach places on faucets. It also worked well to get soap scum out of all the little grooves in my wedding ring.

What are your favorite home/cleaning tips? Please share them below!

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