8 Things To Think About When Shopping Before Baby Arrives

The old cliche “having a baby changes everything” is never more true than when thinking about it in relation to the things you purchase. Once you have a baby, the clothes, shoes, and even home decor you have will need to be different. If you are pregnant or planning on having a baby/adopting a baby in the near future, here are 8 things to keep in mind while you’re out shopping!

  1. If you are going shopping for clothes, bras, or sleepwear and you plan on nursing in the future, buy items that are nursing-friendly. The majority of my clothes are not nursing-friendly; this isn’t an issue at home, but when going out, I only have a few options of things to wear. I wish I’d thought of this awhile ago so I could have kept a look out for nursing-friendly items when my favorite stores had sales.
  2. Decorate with baby/toddler friendly items now so that you don’t have to give them away or replace them later. Candles, glass jars, pebbles, decorative sand, sea shells, china figurines, vases, and the like are likely to get broken or present a choking hazard if a child manages to get ahold of them.
  3. It’s hard enough to carry a baby in a car seat. It kills your knees to do so in heels. If you’re thinking about investing in expensive heels, ask yourself- will I really wear these once I am pregnant and/or have a baby? I love heels, but I spend the majority of my time now in flats and sneakers. Women’s shoe sizes often change after pregnancy anyway, so if you want a certain pair of shoes now, it’s better to buy them after you’ve had a baby.
  4. Purses- if you are thinking about buying an expensive purse, ask yourself how much you will use it once you have a baby. Will you end up throwing your wallet, phone, and keys in a diaper bag most of the time? If so, invest in a quality diaper bag with a water-repellent fabric and comfortable carrying strap since you will use this item almost every day. I spilled root beer all over mine, and it wiped right off/didn’t stain since my bag is made with a water-repellent fabric. One gender-neutral diaper bag is easier and cheaper than having separate bags for you and your partner.
  5. Keep all your receipts for items in the same place– that way, if something doesn’t fit or work for you or your child, you can return it more easily.
  6. When buying baby items like toys, clothes, bouncy seats, etc., ask yourself: Is this item/cover machine washable? To me, this is #2 in importance behind safety.
  7. If you have more than one car, buy an extra car seat base instead of an additional car seat. 
  8. If you are thinking of buying a vehicle, ask yourself: Will I be able to get a car seat in and out of this car easily? Will it have enough trunk space for baby gear? What are the safety ratings for this vehicle? Two-door cars with fold-down seats are difficult to get a car seat in and out of. I bought my car long before having a baby, so I wasn’t thinking about how I would attach a car seat mirror to a seat where the headrests are stitched on/not adjustable. Most car seat mirrors I found needed an adjustable headrest to attach to. However, the Eddie Bauer mirror at Target comes with an additional strap. It had a smaller buckle so I could thread it through the anchor behind the headrest and attach it that way (since our car seat base is attached to the anchors near the seatbelt latch).

What tips do you have for shopping before a baby arrives? Please share them below!

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