One Dress Or 1,710 Diapers?

Every so often something fun shows up in the mail, but the majority of it is junk mail and flyers each week. Most of it ends up in the recycling bin without me looking at it, but I love to window shop through the Hanna Andersson catalogue now that I have a child. I would have been excited at having either a boy or a girl when I found out I was pregnant. But I have to admit, I looked forward to putting some cute outfits together for a baby girl. And Hanna Andersson has some adorable high-quality, age-appropriate girls clothes with whimsical patterns. But when I looked at their prices, I was a bit shocked.

$38 for a pair of baby pajamas?? My own adult-sized pajamas don’t cost that much. And a certain someone is going to be pooping on these!

Have you seen those Instagram accounts of baby hipsters who look like mini celebrities with their perfectly coordinated designer outfits and aviator sunglasses? They can’t even write their own name yet and they already dress better than me. They are so adorable, and secretly I hope my child will look that put together, but I’ve always wondered how much it costs a parent to put those outfits together.

Don’t feel guilty if your kids do or don’t wear designer clothes. The price point at which something is too much money is different for everyone.  Designer kids’ clothes are beautiful for sure, (and if someone happens to give you some, it’s pretty awesome), but kids stain their clothes with so many things and they grow so fast.

I was curious to see what some designer baby clothes go for online so I googled some and found this dress. I’m also curious what the profit margin is on it:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.54.47 PM
This makes those $38.00 pajamas look like a steal! 🙂

I wondered what else I could buy with $325.00. $325.00 could get you:

  • 1,710 Huggies diapers
  • 325 boxes of generic Kleenex
  • 182 gallons of gas
  • 103 pairs of the shorts pictured below
  • 50 Chipotle chicken burritos
  • Half of a 16GB iPhone 6s

I live in a somewhat small town where the majority of the population has grand-babies instead of babies of their own. None of my friends have young babies. So my options for cheap baby clothes and clothes swapping are pretty limited. But I have found some good deals at Target and Costco.

I read online that Target is phasing out their Circo line of clothes, meaning that these items are significantly marked down right now. I found these cute shorts for $3!

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.28.03 PM.png

The new Target line will be more gender-neutral, which I am thankful for. It’s hard to find clothes anywhere that would work for both a boy and a girl, which I was originally looking for so that I could use the clothes again for a second child. But after finding very few gender-neutral items, I pretty much gave up. (You can read about the new Target line here). So I am excited to see what Target comes up with.

Costco is great for not just baby clothes, but diapers as well. The diapers we buy are $0.19/diaper at Costco compared to $0.30/diaper at Target. When your child goes through 10 or so diapers a day, this adds up- it’s about $33 cheaper a month to buy diapers at Costco rather than at Target.

Babies R Us also has some fantastic deals. If you shop their clearance when they are giving an additional 30% off of it, you can get some cute outfits for around $5 when they were originally $15-20.00 each.

Hanna Andersson’s clothes are seasonal; when a new collection comes out, the old one gets marked down before it’s taken offline. So I ended up buying one pair of pajamas with an adorable hat on clearance because let’s face it, having your child look like a garden gnome is too good to pass up. They won’t let you do that when they’re 18. You only have a small window of opportunity!

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