6 Tips For Making Your Clothes Look Great


Following these tips will really make a difference in how long your clothes look like new!

  • Hang dry your nice/work clothes, and anything made from a cotton/polyester stretch blend. This is the #1 way to keep items looking new.  (Is it a pain? Yes. But especially for items made from lower quality fabrics, this is important to avoid holes, pilling, and fading). You’ll save a bit on your electric bill by not using the dryer as much. If you have to use the dryer to save time, put it on the lowest possible setting.
  • Use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets to avoid wrinkles. Dryer sheets actually break down the fibers in your clothes over time (hence, the softness). You’ll also save money by investing once in dryer balls rather than continually buying dryer sheets.
  • Wash like items with like items:
    • Towels need their own loads as they spread lint to everything
    • Jeans should be washed separately in their own loads, not with anything delicate (possible dye staining from dark-wash jeans, zippers get caught on things, etc.)
  • Hand wash and dry your delicate underthings, especially anything with underwire (the first time I put some in the wash they still got stretched out, even on a delicate cycle).
  • Wash whites in hot water and Oxy-Clean to keep them looking white (good for undershirts and socks).
  • Don’t overload your washer– especially with today’s low-water washing machines, items won’t get as clean if you add too many items to the wash.


What is your favorite way to keep your clothes looking like new? Comment below!

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