10 Quick & Tasty Sandwich Ideas

There’s a plethora of lunch ideas on Pinterest (and the pictures! They’re so pretty!) but here’s the dilemma: I pack my husband’s lunches, and he likes sandwiches for lunch. As in, only sandwiches, with some snack items. Which means that things could get boring very quickly. So I’m on a quest to find simple but interesting and tasty sandwich ideas. Here’s the first 10!

Variations on the basic turkey sandwich:

  • Turkey, white cheddar, spinach, honey mustard, mayo, sundried tomatoes
  • Turkey, walnut cream cheese & fig butter on toasted raisin bread*
  • Turkey, cheddar, cranberry sauce, mustard

* My husband had this at a restaurant and loved it; I made a similar version at home with turkey, dill havarti cheese, pecan cream cheese, and apple butter (what I had available). 

Variations on ham sandwiches:

  • Ham, yellow cheddar, red pepper hummus, mayo


Vegetarian (First 3 from Phoenix St. Cafe and Julia’s in South Haven, MI):

  • The Vegetarian– Multigrain bread, lettuce, tomato, shaved carrots & cucumber, cheese, creamy dill spread
  • Julia’s Veg. Sandwich– Multigrain bread, cheese, sun-dried tomato spread, pine nuts, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion slices
  • The Meatless Wonder– Multigrain bread, avocado, cheese, dill spread, onion, lettuce, tomato
  • PB & Pecan Cream Cheese

pb cream cheese sandwich 2


  • Rye, wheat, whole grain white, spinach wraps, hamburger buns, pitas, flatbreads, bagels, bagel thins, English muffins, challah, potato bread, baguette, raisin bread

Also, a dash of curry powder, garlic, salt, and pepper on a savory sandwich gives it an unexpected, but great taste- try it sometime!

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