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A Girl Can Have Another Best Friend

Diamonds Are A Sham And It’s Time We Stop Getting Engaged With Them is a fascinating, eye-opening article on the history of diamonds.

It addresses many things that I wasn’t aware of, including:

  • Why companies’ monopolies on diamonds make them more “rare”
  • Why they aren’t as much of an “investment” as we think they are
  • Why the “engagement rings have to be a diamond” idea is a 20th century marketing invention

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting a diamond engagement ring, but if you see a proposal in your future, asking yourself “why” you want a certain type of ring may be a good question to consider. Say you have your heart set on a diamond- is it because of subtle peer pressure? The idea that everyone else has one, and you don’t want to look different? Or perhaps you really want a large stone- is it to prove to the world how much your partner loves you? Is it a status symbol to look wealthy?

The size of your diamond (or other stone) doesn’t correlate with how much someone loves you. Your partner shouldn’t feel pressured to buy a large diamond in order to prove their love. If you want a diamond ring, that’s perfectly fine, but you shouldn’t feel like you have to have a diamond engagement ring and that if you don’t, it’s not “really” an engagement ring. There are many beautiful (and more affordable) alternatives.

I choose a sapphire ring because it had more meaning to it and was half the cost of a comparable diamond. Oddly enough, I found out later that sapphires are considered to be four times more rare than diamonds– they are cheaper than diamonds because demand is lower (fun fact: demand for sapphires went up when Princess Kate received Princess Diana’s sapphire ring as her engagement ring).

Trends will come and go; choose an affordable ring that’s meaningful to you and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks :).


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