When It Pays To Not Be Frugal

I felt dizzy and nauseous. Thinking I could pass out, I called my husband. He came home and suggested taking me to the ER.

“Isn’t that like $300 right off the bat? That’s like the cost of a nice purse,” I said. I suggested a walk-in clinic instead.

As we were driving, he said: “You know, in the future, call an ambulance first, then me.”

“But that’s like $500. That’s a really nice purse,” I replied.

He laughed, but gave me a look that said, Really, are you serious?

Another time, I told him how I once took the city train to the airport at 5am from a neighborhood that wasn’t know for its safety. His reaction was as I expected: “You were sitting on a train alone, with a suitcase. You could have been robbed.”

“But it was only $2.25 instead of $50.00 in cab fare,” I defended myself (this was before Uber).

I’ve put off getting the brake pads on my car changed because of the cost, but waiting meant that I had to pay for new brake pads and all new brakes because the pads had worn completely through.

Looking back on these situations and others like them help me to remember that in certain cases, it can be better to not choose the most frugal choice 🙂 .

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5 thoughts on “When It Pays To Not Be Frugal”

  1. It can be difficult especially with big numbers but I try to think of safety and comfort. I’m having a difficult time right now as I need to buy new shoes to work in as I’ll be standing for 8hrs/ day next week. Your post reminded me that this isn’t spendthrift behavior but a necessity so I don’t damage my feet.

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  2. Great points. I’m guilty of this sort of thing, too, especially with cars! I got a new car recently and have made a pact to myself to take better care of it. In the past, I’ve put off basic maintenance and oil changes because of the cost. It just wasn’t a priority for me. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

    Hope everything was OK with your ER visit!

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