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Getting The Most Out Of Rewards Coupons

Knowing a store’s coupons/rewards policy is key to getting a great deal! We needed six identical blue ties for our wedding party. We wanted them to be of a good quality that would last a long time. We found the perfect ties in the perfect color, but at $60 each, that would mean paying $360 for all six. However, we had been saving rewards coupons for the store that sold the ties, and had three “$50 off your entire purchase” coupons. Here’s where knowing a store’s coupon policy comes in handy- (know the policy to get the best benefits!):

The ties were also 50% off, and we could use the coupons on sale items!

Original total: $360.00

Sale price: $180.00

Total after using coupons: $30.00

Total per tie: $5.00!

Also: The store where you buy your engagement or wedding ring may send you jewelry coupons if you had signed up for their store card- if the store has a good coupon policy, use them!  The store where I got my ring occasionally sends out a “$100.00 off your purchase” coupon (if you use their store card). Here’s where it got fun: I picked out a set of earrings that were exactly $100.00, making the purchase free, no store card needed! There’s nothing more fabulous than free jewelry 🙂 !


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.12.56 AM



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