Snickers Parfait

This was originally going to be a post about making homemade ice cream since there’s a funny TV show my husband and I have enjoyed watching called Hack My Life. The hosts test out all sorts of “life hacks” that they find on the internet or that viewers submit to see which ones work and which ones are epic fails. They test everything from making scrambled eggs using only aluminum foil and an iron (it works!) to opening a bottle of beer with nail polish remover (not so much…).

One of the hacks that was supposed to work was for making homemade ice cream using just ziplock bags and ice, no ice cream maker or mixer required.

“That can’t work; it looks too easy,” I told my husband.

“Actually it does- I’ve done that before,” he said. Now I was curious.

I had some heavy cream in the fridge, so a few days later I bought some vanilla extract.  Here’s what happened after we shook a leaking bag of cream for the entire third period of the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Finals Game 5:

Absolutely nothing. (You could describe this liquid-y mess as the before and after photo):

cream in a bag

And our team lost 5-2.

Not willing to put up with two defeats in one evening, I put the cream in the mixer and turned it into whipped cream. I’d looked up another recipe online that said to whip cream and condensed milk in the mixer and then freeze it to make ice cream, so I set some of the whipped cream aside to freeze just in case it actually came out in an ice cream like consistency without having the condensed milk on hand to mix in.

Taste testing results after ~ 2 hours in the freezer:

Doesn’t taste like ice cream. I think I just made natural Cool Whip. Pretty tasty.

Results the next day:

Yep, still Cool Whip.

So I took most of the whipped cream and turned it into a Snickers parfait. I alternated layers of crushed Oreos, chopped up Snickers, the whipped cream, and some strawberries in a glass and called it a day.

It wasn’t ice cream, but it was still pretty good!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.03.59 PM


What is your favorite easy dessert to make? Have you had a cooking “fail” that turned out well? Please share below!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.12.56 AM




9 thoughts on “Snickers Parfait”

  1. Love that recipe, thanks for sharing! So glad you saved the fail!
    Last summer I made the cream and condensed milk ice cream for every gathering. It was easy, delicious and made just the right amount. I also used various mix ins though crushed Oreo was definitely my favorite

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