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The Easiest Way To Plan Meals

I love the idea of having a pretty chalkboard in my kitchen with all my meals for the week written in beautiful cursive script. Or maybe they’re written on a fun dry erase board calendar, color coded by meal category or day. Problem is, I don’t have the wall space, fridge space, or patience for either of these in my kitchen, and I need something more portable. That’s why I love these over-sized sticky note pads.


They are only a few dollars at Target, light/small enough to stay in place on a fridge with a magnetic clip, and just fun to look at! An easy method for planning is to:

  • Look up the sales and coupons online for your grocery store. Screenshot the ones you will use and print them all on one page so they are easy to keep track of.
  • Use this page of items/coupons to plan your meals.
  • Write your meals for the week on the left side of the notepad and write your grocery list on the right side.
  • When it’s time to grocery shop, you only have 2 pages to keep track of- your coupon page and your meal plan/grocery list!


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