Why You Should Keep Those Expired Coupons

Oh, coupons. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love saving money with coupons, but many of them pile up and expire before I ever get a chance to use them. I had a cute mini 5 pocket coupon organizer, where they were all organized by type, and I would still forget to use them 50% of the time. I would end up throwing most of them away because they’d expired.

However, here’s a coupon secret that stores won’t advertise: some will take expired coupons (it never hurts to ask and find out!). Bed Bath and Beyond is my favorite example of this. They will take crumpled, coffee stained coupons from 2013, that aren’t even in my name (given to me by family, friends, etc.), and let me use them. Seriously, it’s fantastic. Unlike other places that limit the amount of coupons you can use in a transaction, you can use a coupon on every single item in your purchase- so if you have ten items, and ten coupons, no big deal!

Keep you receipts though- they changed their return policy so that if you return an item without a receipt, you get a refund at the current selling price minus 20%, since they will automatically assume you used a coupon to purchase the item. And do the math before checking out to see if you’ll save more by using a 20% off or a $5 off coupon.

Happy couponing!

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4 thoughts on “Why You Should Keep Those Expired Coupons”

  1. Another trick is if you ask the clerk if there are any coupons when you check out. At a variety of stores (JCPenny, Kohl’s, EMS, etc) they keep copies of the coupons that went out in the Sunday Newspaper at the register and will let you use them! I also use my smart phone to google coupons for the store I am shopping at. I have been able to have the clerk scan my phone and get an additional discount.

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