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3 Keys to Giving the Perfect Gift


As someone who loves to give gifts, here’s 3 things I’ve realized over the years:

  • Don’t just buy a gift because it’s on sale or a good deal; ask yourself– is it equally a great deal, a great item quality-wise, and something the recipient would enjoy/use? If it’s not all three, keep looking!
  • Think about what the recipient would like to receive, vs. what you would like and like to shop for. These are usually different things.
  • Is the recipient not really into “things” at all? How about the gift of an experience (movie/event tickets, gift certificates for a salon, etc.)? These items don’t take up physical space in a home if space is limited, and you can find great deals on sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.

Updated– a reader shared this helpful tip for saving money on gift wrap:

“I started buying gift wrap at the Dollar Store instead of Target or Walmart. The Dollar Store was selling the same big fancy gift bows and everything else for $1 each!”

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3 thoughts on “3 Keys to Giving the Perfect Gift”

  1. Great tips! I find it a bit challenging with the kids in my life as their tastes change so quickly!
    I try to purchase good quality things on sale that tend to stand the test of their individual whims 🙂

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      1. I’m lucky because my friends have all raised fairly polite kids who will find a way to play with anything :).
        Where I’ve run into trouble is when a kid is in the midst of a Thomas craze and I get stuff only to find out in conversation that they’ve outgrown Thomas :). Then I thank my lucky stars that it was a sale item and wait for the next Thomas crazed kid in my life to appear.

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