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The First Thing You Should Buy On Your Next Trip


You’ve just arrived at your destination, excited and ready to explore.  After a long plane ride, you’re probably thinking of relaxing by the nearest pool, not going to a grocery store. But before heading out to go shopping and sightseeing, there’s one thing that you should always pick up first and then toss in your travel bag- bottled water!

By buying a case of bottled water when you arrive at your destination and keeping it in your hotel room, you will save so much money by not buying individual bottles of water at $2-3 dollars each while you are out exploring.  I often pick up some boxes of granola bars and other portable snacks so that I’m not paying $2-3 each for those either.

Now of course there’s some places like theme parks that will make you toss your water bottles before entering, but bringing your own is a great option for when going to the beach, pool, an outdoor event, on a sightseeing tour, or while exploring a new city for the day!

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3 thoughts on “The First Thing You Should Buy On Your Next Trip”

  1. Reasons I follow your blog!
    ML & I did this last summer and it was the best decision! We’re doing another road trip this summer and we’re going to bring our water jug from home as it has a spigot and we can save some plastic.

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