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Review: “Hope Unfolding”

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I was originally going to post this in May, but after realizing that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it’s posting early! I have enjoyed Becky Thompson’s posts on her blog/Facebook page, so I was excited when I learned she was publishing her first book.  There’s many books for women out there from a faith-based perspective, but few that have resonated with me as much as this one did.

She shares her story of having a set plan for her life, and how she felt disappointed and forgotten by God when it looked like it wasn’t going to turn out the way she’d envisioned. However, through a series of “only God” moments, she realizes that “everything I had believed was leading me away from God’s plan was actually preparing me for it.” The story of how the dreams she had for her life actually did come to pass in an unexpected way is encouraging on those days when you wonder, what am I doing with my life? Does it really matter?

Her musings on motherhood and life (ranging from humorous to poignant) remind us that we are not alone in our struggles, frustrations, or worries. She writes in a very honest, personal way without coming off as overly sentimental/stereotypically “girly”.

If you are discouraged in trying to stick to a budget, or maybe debt seems like a mountain you can’t scale, or life/motherhood just seems overwhelming in general, then open this book. It’s a quick read that will encourage you with truths that are often so easily forgotten.

For less than $9 on Amazon, “Hope Unfolding” would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mother you know who may need some encouragement, too.

“No matter how overlooked or forgotten you believe you are, what you are doing in this season of life has significance.”– Becky Thompson, “Hope Unfolding”

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