10 Tips for a Cheaper Move

Moving boxes

No one likes moving, I know, but here’s some tips to save some $ and make it a little easier for you!

1. Ask friends, family, local grocery stores, Target, or Walmart for their unwanted boxes.

2. Craft stores are a great source of small boxes and bubble wrap or foam sheets, since they sell a myriad of small, breakable items. When scouting for supplies, drop by during a slow time on a weekday just after the store opens, ideally a Thursday morning (shipments for the busier weekend days may come in on Thursdays). Don’t stop by on a Saturday at 1pm- they may be too busy and say “no” to your request.

3. Boxes are easier to reuse when you don’t write all over them (and then scratch it out, and write again, and scratch it out…). Instead, write the contents on a neon sticky note and tape it to the box- the color helps it stand out, and when you need to reuse the box, tape new sticky notes over the old ones.

4. If it’s a long distance move, have an itemized list of items to be moved stored on your computer so you can quickly get responses with accurate quotes from moving companies. Shop around for the best quote, but balance online reviews with the cost- company X may be the cheapest, but if they have poor reviews and your items get damaged, it’s more $ and frustration in the long run.

5. If you are relocating for a job, even if you aren’t moving out of state, ask your new employer if they will reimburse you for moving expenses. Save all your receipts in a ziplock bag and place in a “Moving” binder so you can find them later. 

6. Pack like items together as much as possible and use detailed labeling on your boxes. You’ll end up buying items again if you can’t find them in the first place.

7. Exception to #6: Don’t pack towels, blankets, or sweatshirts in their own boxes. Use them as packing material/bubble wrap for other items (but label the box so you know they’re in there)!

8. Have a “moving to-do list” in an Excel file or on your phone; write down items ahead of time as you think of them. It’ll help you remember to cancel the utilities or return apartment keys so you don’t get charged for them.

9. Eat through items in your fridge/freezer a week or two before moving so that you aren’t stuck with throwing perishable food away the day of your move.

10. Selling items you don’t need or want before you move = less to pack!

Happy Moving!

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips for a Cheaper Move”

  1. Great advice!! We moved 13 times the first 20 years we were married!! So i’m a bit of a packing expert myself– and I totally agree about selling/geting rid of some things instead of moving them!! Fun to find your blog!

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