5 Ways to Save $ on Lunch


Is it actually cheaper to bring your own lunch to work? Yes! By how much exactly? I always wondered, but the folks at How Stuff Works says you could save $1,500 a year (they did the math here).

Here’s 5 tips on how to save while bringing your own lunch to work:

  • Invest once in:
    • reusable drink bottles
    • glass or plastic lunch containers
    • reusable ice packs
    • a reusable lunch bag
  • Bring your own silverware instead of buying plastic utensils
  • Stay away from pre-packaged “convenience foods”. The single serving packs are almost always more expensive than say, buying a bag of pretzels and dividing it into smaller portions.
  • Buy a faucet filter and make your own “bottled water” at home (add lemon slices or fruit to mix it up!)
  • Have an incentive! If there’s a reward to bringing your lunch everyday, you may be more likely to do it- so set up a goal and once you meet it, reward yourself.

How do you save money on lunches?

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