3 Easy Ways to Save on Ticket Prices

Who doesn’t love traveling? A chance to get away and explore a new place, relax and have fun, and create great memories with loved ones is something that I will never get tired of. Taking a look at theme park or museum prices though can suck all the joy out of planning a day trip or vacation. But with these 3 tips, you will be on your way to planning a getaway that’s fabulously frugal:

Look online for free admission days for museums and other places you’d like to visit-  While looking up fun/frugal activities to take a friend and her daughter to while they visited me, I discovered that my local children’s museum had a free admission day once a month! It was the perfect day trip and it was completely free! To save time, search online for blogs and other websites that gather all the free admission days for your area in one place– your city’s newspaper often has a “free local events” section for this on their website.

Always check if you can get a “special status” discount whenever you’re buying tickets– You can get discounted tickets either through a AAA membership, for being a teacher, veteran, or senior, etc., or by being a resident of the state where the theme park/event is located. If you are traveling to Florida, the theme park mecca of the US, AAA offers some great deals on their website.

Check out Groupon and other similar sites for travel and ticket deals- You can often find great all-inclusive deals at substantially discounted prices!


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