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Almost-Free Art For Your Home or Gifting


I love decorating my walls, but art and decor prices can add up quickly- most items in typical home stores are very overpriced for what you actually get (watch for the sales!).  While I love home stores, I also enjoy having more unique items that aren’t mass produced.  Creating art yourself through photography is an almost-free way to have meaningful, unique pieces for your walls that will tell your story. This is also a great homemade gift idea!

Grab your camera and look around you for inspiration- do you live in a bustling city with beautiful architecture to capture on film? Are you surrounded by forests with towering trees? Do you or your neighbors have a garden full of blossoms waiting to be photographed?  What about taking pictures of your children or grandchildren playing outside?

Here’s a few tips for capturing beautiful photos to decorate your walls:

  • Use a DSLR camera– even if you use the automatic settings, it will still take better quality photos than a phone camera. If you don’t have one, ask a friend to borrow one!
  • Zoom in– focus on the most interesting part of your subject!
  • Use the rule of thirds to center your subject– learn more here 
  • Edit afterwards– even if you’re not a Photoshop pro, using the light/color/filter/crop settings on your computer’s photo program will help your images look their best.
  • Pick a color theme for your frames– Once you’ve printed your photos, pick frames in similar colors or themes for a cohesive look (possible options- all bright colors, all shades of white, all metal and wood, etc.) Check out my post on Where to Find Fabulously Frugal Photo Frames!

Still intimidated by the idea of using your own photographs for decor? Ask a friend who posts beautiful photos for their help, or ask if they’d share a few of theirs with you to reprint and enjoy.


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