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Review: “How to Look Expensive”

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 4.14.05 PMWith many beauty books or magazine articles I usually find that most of the content isn’t that relevant to me. Either the products featured are too pricey, the procedure involves the latest and greatest skin lasers or other needles/scalpels, or I’m left wondering, “I know you say it’s the latest trend, but where would I wear glitter orange eyeshadow?”

I usually walk away thinking, “oh that’s nice, but not practical for me.”

That’s not the case with How to Look Expensive. I was pleasantly surprised that almost every page had a tip that I, suburban American wife & mother, could apply to my low-key life.

It’s comprehensive for a small book. Andrea Lustig, a beauty editor for Glamour, covers everything from hair, skin, make-up, fashion and more so that you can have what she calls an “expensive” look, without paying a fortune: what she defines as ” looking chic and understated, polished and professional, your personal best…it’s luxe, not loud.”

Each chapter ends with two summary columns with bullet points outlining choices that make you look like “A Million Bucks” vs. those that imply “You Don’t Have a Dime.” Lustig recommends products throughout the book but in a way that doesn’t feel like one giant advertisement; she shares her favorite products at different price points, and gives tips on how to streamline your make up bag to only have items that you’ll need and use. There’s even recipes for DIY facials and tips on how to do hair color yourself.

One of the most helpful sections was about how to have the hair color you want, without the expensive upkeep. I tried her suggestion about subtle ombre, and it turned out great! No visible roots or a dramatic color addition means that I could have it done 2-3 times a year instead of having to dye my hair every month (the downside of maintaining all over hair color).

Lustig delivers on her promise to “help bridge the gap between how we want to look and how we can afford to look.”

And the watercolor drawings are beautiful! Happy reading!

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