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Eyeshadow Isn’t Just for Your Lids!

I’m a sucker for those shows where someone gets a full (free!) makeover. The clothes! The heels! Their make up always looks fantastic, especially their eyes/eyebrows. I’ve noticed that when I take an extra 30 seconds and fill my eyebrows in, they look better! But I don’t like a bunch of single use products filling my bathroom drawers, which is where eyeshadow comes in. You can use it for more than just your lids!

Don’t waste money on a special “brow filler”- use eyeshadow! (As long as it’s matte, not glitter…:) ). You can custom blend a color that works perfectly for you.

Don’t waste money on eyeliner, either- again eyeshadow is perfect. It won’t run, it makes a clean line, and it is so much easier to apply than liquid liner (messy) or pencil (I gave up years ago trying to get a perfect point; they’re just never sharp enough).

The key to applying both is this handy little flat angled brush:

Eyeshadow and flat brush

For brows:

  • Remember, less is more when it comes to filling in your brows-
  • Swipe the brush once through the shadow (or if using a blend of two colors, once through each)
  • Fill in sparse areas with short upward strokes
  • Step back from the mirror and notice if they’re too dark or full- up close they will look unfilled, but step back a few feet and they will be noticeably filled in!

For eyeliner:

  • Run the brush under some water and dab it on a towel to remove the excess.
  • Run the brush once through the eyeshadow.
  • Apply close to the lashline by gently tugging the skin around your eye flat a bit, and work from the outer corner to the inner corner in short strokes.
  • After 2-3 swipes, rewet the brush to keep the line consistent.
  • Enjoy eyeliner that won’t drip or smear!

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