Look Here For Thrifty Threads!

I love stores with great clothing deals. The prices can be amazing and it is actually kind of fun to sift through all the randomness  before you find that one perfect item that makes you go “aha!”

Everyone has heard of Goodwill, which can have some good finds (I found my wedding dress there!). However, there’s some other alternatives if you don’t want to have to sift quite so much. Goodwill is very large and overwhelming at times; have you thought of:

  • Plato’s Closet? (resale/consignment)
  • Marshalls/TJMaxx?
  • Flea markets?
  • Ebay?
  • Nordstrom Rack? (a little pricier, but can have good quality clearance items)
  • DSW? (great clearance on shoes, up to 70% off; also has a generous rewards program)
  • Local consignment stores/boutiques?

The list will grow as I find more fabulously frugal stores!

What about you? What’s your favorite place to find fabulously frugal fashion? 



(I found this at Plato’s closet for $30- similar coats elsewhere were up to $200!)

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