Where to Find Fabulously Frugal Photo Frames

I looked everywhere for beautiful photo frames for our apartment. Searches at Walmart, Target, Kirklands, Marshalls, and TJMaxx were uneventful. The frames were either too cheap-looking, gaudy, or just not my style. And then I stumbled upon the photo frame heaven that is Michaels.

Michaels has the BEST frame selection of any store I’ve been in, hands down. They have at least 3-4 aisles solely devoted to frames. The small to medium ones range in price from 7.99ish to 19.99ish, but here’s where it gets really good: they always have coupons available or sales going on. Michaels accepts coupons straight from their website, so just pull them up on your phone at check-out. Their website almost always has a  40% off one item coupon, and if not, other coupon options are available. Their BOGOs are even better. There is almost always a BOGO deal going on at the store, but it seems to rotate between different departments. Check their website for when it hits the frame department, and get a free frame for each one you buy (check the fine print, of course). Most receipts print with a 40% off one item coupon attached that is good for a future visit; instead of tossing the receipt, use it to find more lovely frames for a great price!

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